A human being is far, far more than just the body. True and natural healing encompasses all aspects of the life — from the physical to the mind, emotions, soul, spirit and all energies within the aura. Our electromagnetic field is the cause of all physical imbalances, because everything is caused by electromagnetic imbalances. So, if the electromagnetic field is in balance, clean and in its intactness, the body follows and rebalances itself.

In healings, different natural forces and intelligences interact with the inherent healing forces in the human body. The healing treatments help you to connect to the line of your line, dissolve contradictions, clean blockages and stimulate inherent self-healing powers. Which gives you back to you.

Through the healing sessions, your inner lives get nourished, valued and filled with high quality energy so one can feel revitalised, protected and clean. 

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Healing Session 30 minutes

Healing Session
30 minutes

Healing Session 60 minutes

Healing Session
60 minutes

Healing Session 90 minutes

Healing Session
90 minutes

Healing Series 3 sessions

Healing Series
3 sessions
90 minutes each

Healing Series 7 sessions

Healing Series
7 sessions
90 minutes each

Healing Series 10 sessions

Healing Series
10 sessions
90 minutes each


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    The most noticeable change in me since the healing treatment is growing courage and inner strength. They help me to stop running away from myself. To feel myself. To say yes to myself and my fears, worries and feelings, to deal with myself, whether pleasant or unpleasant. I always felt somehow defenceless in certain stressful situations in life. Since the Healing, I perceive a kind of "protective mantle" within me. Even if the inner peace and stillness I wish for myself is not always present, I have since been accompanied by more and more strength and determination, a healthy portion of discipline and the firm belief that everything comes as it should and is allowed to be as it is. Step by step. Accepting life with joy and growing ease. Even if life is sometimes a rollercoaster ride.
    Fritzi Eichhorn
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    Since the first treatment with Mr. Günzler, my second life has begun. I feel like a person who is clearer than ever and who has been much more aware of the world, people and especially myself for four years now... I am very grateful for this.
    Martina Drexlmaier, Managing Director
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    It is a matter of the heart for me to pass on my experience with Oliver Günzler to others. When I met Oliver, I was desperate and completely devastated. I didn't have much hope because I didn't even know how to help myself. From childhood I was strongly influenced by my family's expectations, had no self-esteem and was highly sensitive. The healings helped me to finally reconnect with myself, my soul, my inner strength and love life. The healings have done the unbelievable. Without judging, without influencing me, he helped me to dissolve the self-imposed pressure and to see clearly again. Step by step, together we felt out who I am, what makes me happy, in which direction I want to grow, where "my place in this world" is.
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    The healings help me every time to find my inner balance again, I am always amazed how deep the effect is. I feel more protected, stronger and feel a better inner connection. I feel more comfortable in myself and my skin. The energetic work with Oliver is extraordinary, I have never experienced anything like it. 
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    My start in a new life nothing is the way it used to be, it feels.... simply wonderful. After I boarded the right train, the right compartment and with the right destination on 04.12.2016, everything changed. Now after almost 6 years after the seminars with Oliver, I have discovered a new life and a completely different person in myself. The feeling of many, many wasted years and time, I can and have rebuilt. My wife and daughter are more than happy to live together with this "new person". For them it is more than a miracle. I am more than connected with myself, and from this I have been able to create a new life with all its positive manifestations. Many, many heartfelt thanks Oliver and greetings
    H.P. Feig
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    I have had a few healing sessions with Oliver and I am so impressed by what has happened to me. I have been struggling with depression for many years now and tried every medication and method out there and nothing has really helped, but since visiting Oliver for these healing sessions I am getting so much better, I feel lighter and energised and I feel hope about myself again. During the healing I feel so relaxed, it is so gentle and I feel held, supported and very cared for. Sometimes we do the sessions on the phone and it has the same impact, I do not really understand how it works but I will keep seeing Oliver as it is giving me my life back.
    Alex, Stuttgart
Human Glow Healing offers

• Ability to deal with stress, anxiety and panic

• Settle inner noises and worries

• Feeling in contact with oneself

• Experiencing more the whole of you

• Causing settlement to the system

• Feeling protected and strengthened

You have the technology and intelligence in you. It is simply learning how to liberate it.