Human Glow

All of us, and each in our own unique way, are facing rapid changes in challenging and transformative times. And we each find ourselves living in new times, within an evolutionary and spiritual upgrade that calls for a human response. It truly is a turning point and extraordinary times call for extraordinary responses.

Welcome to Human Glow, a place which invites one to make one of the most fascinating experiences a human can have during a life time. To consciously feel, understand and perceive the electrical world of one’s body, including one´s aura. That’s where everything begins, one`s thinking, feelings, well-being, illnesses, instinct and the interaction with others. An invitation to look at our bodies, our health and the world around us as electric. 

Human Glow offers practical ways and tools to build a trustfull relationship and transform ones relationship with one`s electrical worlds and their intelligences. This allows oneself to become in charge of one’s own life in a never before experienced way and enables oneself to discover and develop a new art of practical and applicable ways of being and living in these new times.


Electrobics is a new living science born out of the needs of these times and for the future and helps. Electrobics is a mind, hands-on and movement-based series of practical living understandings and technologies that introduce a person to their many inner lives and unseen worlds, including their aura and the far-reaching intelligences of the human system. The specific movements and postures allow you to create an intimate relationship with your life and, through this, provide ways to gain inner strength, confidence, well-being and the ability to nourish your soul and inner lives with higher quality energy.

Podcast Introduction into Electrobics

This podcast features a conversation with Oliver Günzler, who is in the process of pioneering a new, ground-breaking living science called Electrobics.
The Interview is being facilitated by David Gomme, an independent consultant. He works with individuals, leadership teams and inter-disciplinary forums seeking to generate meaningful breakthroughs in creativity, innovation and new behavioral sciences (


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You have the technology and intelligence in you.
It is simply learning how to liberate it.