Oliver Günzler, portrait by Jürgen Weiland

Oliver Günzler

The questions "Why are humans on earth?" and "Who are we?" prompt Oliver to explore on a daily basis beyond "instant feel good New Age talk", flatland spiritualism, and easy, get-by answers to complex processes.

Humans and their unseen worlds are infinitely complex and multi-layered. The need for real understanding is deeply human and a basic longing. Alongside this, is a desire to see through a facade, behind what is visible, audible and tangible. Oliver's intention is to present keyholes into the causing worlds, into the unseen worlds, the origin from which the physical appearances manifest themselves, in search of the not yet known.

Oliver found questions which helped him see beyond the ordinary and he has become a pioneer, door opener and visionary researcher and expert into the undiscovered, unseen energy worlds of the human. He considers it like a treasure hunt to access and liberate the best of each person — the human potential and what the human can be when in its best inner and outer ecology out of a deep value and curiosity of finding oneself alive as a human, in a body, on this planet.

Twenty-seven years of practical and lived experience within the domain of energy medicine and healing, consulting and coaching has enabled Oliver to assemble the practical knowledge that constitutes the foundation of Human Glow. Tens of thousands of people have received energetic treatments and participated in his unique workshops, trainings and seminars. He has trained therapists, doctors, nurses and energetic practitioners, and he is known as a pioneer, pathfinder and safe guide into the still undiscovered realms of the electromagnetic fields, unseen potential and natural energetic anatomy of the human being.

With his down-to-earth nature, sense of humour and common sense, Oliver creates transformative ecologies which help people create a connected and intimate relationship with their inner self and learn how to nourish their soul with high-quality energy.

With his pioneer work, passion and experimental knowledge, he offers help to thousands of people to develop and train skills to access the unseen worlds and aura of the human, to find keys to integrate one's life purpose, and access and liberate one's inherent human evolutionary potential.

Oliver Günzler has been certified as an alternative healing practitioner in Germany since 2002. He is an accredited and certified Electrobics™ practitioner.

"You have the technology and intelligence in you. It is simply learning how to liberate it."