Human Glow coaching offers applicable tools to take charge of your own life, creating pathways to build a connected and intimate relationship with your inner self. With a down-to-earth nature, sense of humour and common sense, the coaching enables you to learn how to nourish your soul with high quality energy.

Coaching sessions open whole new perspectives with many 'Aha!' moments. Valuable, understandable and applicable tools assist you in important changes to grow in a self-determined way, to feel self-confidence and to appreciate oneself — the starting place of human personal development. The coaching and conversations are gentle and clear to help you create pathways to connect with your soul and gain strength, settlement and well-being to improve the quality and value of your life. 

Step-by-step, you will feel who you are and experience what nourishes and makes your inner lives happy. You will understand in which direction you want to develop and grow to find your unique, meaningful and purposeful place in this world.

Coaching sessions include tools to do with:

  • Becoming aware and beginning to activate your human potential
  • Building a connected and intimate relationship with your inner lives 
  • Learning to deal with anxiety, worries and fears
  • Integrating inner knowings into daily life
  • How to 'get back on track' when lost; how to rebalance, reset, clean and recharge
  • Knowing that there's nothing wrong with you; that's the place to start
  • Practical tools to distance yourself from patterns that no longer serve your future
  • Creating living pathways to get closer to the best version of you

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Introductory session

Introductory session
60 minutes

Introductory session 90min

Introductory session
90 minutes

Introductory series 4 sessions

Introductory series
4 sessions
60 minutes each

Advanced series 9 sessions

Advanced series
9 sessions
75 minutes each

Master series

Master series
24 sessions
90 minutes each


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    The loving, sensitive conversations are always like a soothing massage for me - a massage for my soul. No matter how strained, stressed, worried or mentally "busy" I go into the talks - after a short time a pleasant, peaceful and relaxed feeling sets in. The talks give me confidence and trust to see myself as a part of the whole. They help me to let go a little and to let things and challenges in life take their course without having to exert constant willpower or effort.
    Fritzi Eichhorn
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    Through his immense wealth of knowledge, I have repeatedly had "AHA" moments that have opened up completely new perspectives for me, and thus given me hope and joy in life again. But also many practical tips that he has collected through many years of experience have helped me step by step, through small changes, to grow in a self-determined way, to feel self-confidence and to appreciate myself. He has always accompanied me very gently, generously and with a lot of sensitivity. I have finally reconnected with myself, my soul, my inner strength and I love life.
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    In the coaching sessions I have learned to find a benevolent and clear access to myself. I feel much more connected to myself. I have learned so many new things, especially not to work on myself but WITH myself and my inner strengths. That changed everything and I started to successfully take my life into my own hands. The many tools I have received are so helpful for me, especially now I find my way back when I feel "lost". This is so valuable. Oliver's practical, real-life and understandable tips are effective aids to apply in everyday life. Wouldn't want to miss a second of it. Thank you for the valuable, human and humorous coaching sessions. 
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    I feel very comfortable during coaching with Mr. Günzler. I feel accepted and taken seriously. My horizon has expanded. I always go out better than I went in. I will definitely stay with Mr. Günzler.
    Maria Unfried
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    We thank you for the professional and refreshing seminars. All participants are very inspired by the coaching sessions.
    T. Eichinger, Business Management Director
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    In addition to his impeccable professional qualifications, Mr. Günzler is characterized by optimism, friendliness and the ability to work in a team.
    R. Teplitzky, Principal Dr. Eisenbart School
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    His friendly, humorous manner, coupled with his diverse knowledge and understanding of the topics such as stress, personal development and holistic health are exceptional. So, we can only recommend everyone to experience these coaching sessions and seminars.
    K Stopp, Managing Director
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    I have been working with Oliver for a while now and he continues to be a great pillar and support in my life. I manage a very busy job with many pressures and demands and have often found that I lose myself inside it all and end up anxious, stressed and as a result have had continual poor health over the last few years. With Oliver's help and support I have managed to get a completely new perspective on my life and what is important to me. Everything has changed and I feel much stronger and capable of handling what comes my way. I prioritise things differently and my self doubt is fading. I think Oliver has held my hand through this turbulent year without imposing his views on me, but instead has offered understanding and gentle reflection which has nudged me into new directions. He has led me without leading me. I feel empowered and liberated, I am a brand new person.
    Nikki, Nürnberg
Human Glow coaching offers

• Understanding how to work with one's intelligences

• How to apply knowledge practically

• How to make change possible from within

• How to release and access your undiscovered self

• Experience your natural confidence to be yourself

• Gaining increased clarity of what you want with your life

• Enabling the ability to handle uncertainties 

• Learning to apply value before importance

"You have the technology and intelligence in you. It is simply learning how to liberate it."